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So far our products and warm services have been widely praised among the customers, we are the right choice for you.

The POP CLEAN brand is focused on being more than a maker of great products:  we're using water to transform the way people feel every day.

We had inspired by natural curves, innovative technologies, and combining the needs of the times and the market to develop new styles of
products,helping you finally add the centerpiece to your home that you've been looking for.

We firmly believe that only the best designs and highest quality materials can meet the way you live.

The main products of POP CLEAN include
Bathroom accessories: EB8601 Bidet, EB8501 Bidet, EB7601 Bidet, 501B Bidet Spayer ,Towel Hooks, Hooks.

Household supplies: diffuser (Humidifier), Ice Cube Trays,Coat Hooks ,E17 Led Bulb.

New Generation Tushy Bidet - upgraded your bathroom

Enjoy freshed feeling by POP CLEAN water cleaning bidet in your own home.

POP CLEAN  EB8601 Tushy Bidet is a dual nozzle, non-electric mechanical bidet attachment that uses fresh cold or warm water to reduce the use of toilet papers and increase hygiene.

The dual nozzle is equipped with a one-touch pressure lever and a temperature control knob that gives better control of the stronger  rear wash and the gentler frontal, feminine wash. While using, the nozzle drops below the guard gate from the water pressure and retract for hygienic protection when they are not in use.

8601 baday toilet attachment specially features an innovative self-cleaning sanitary nozzle that streams hot water directly over the nozzles for maximum hygiene.

Bidet is the most ideal and practical way to turn your toilet seat into a luxurious buday toilet attachment.

Join the thousands of Americans who have been liberated from coarse, un-hygienic, and costly toilet paper and experience this refreshing clean feeling that you deserve.

Q: How can I install and use the bidet ?


  1. Turn off water valve and flush tank to empty any remaining water.
  2. Remove toilet seat.
  3. Take out exiting water pipe.
  4. Lift up the control handle to activate,can adjust the spraying water pressure, and rotate it can adjust the spraying water temperature.
  5. Note: the handle need to be turned off manually, while the knob needn’t reset after using.

Q: Is all the Components included ?

A: The package include: 1 x Bidet,1 x Cold/Hot Flexible hose,2 x Adapter 9/16 inch &15/16 inch,1 x Free Wrench,Teflon Tape,Operation Manual

Q: How to avoid water leaking ? A: As the picture show

  1. Make sure the black rubber washer is inserted at the top of the T-adapter and all connections are tight and secure.
  2. Wrap a thin layer of Teflon Tape over the valve threads before connecting the adapter.
  3. You can use the Taflon Tape to twine all junctions which can prevent leaking .

QHow can i know the bidet suitable for my toilet?

AYou can watch seventh picture that shows the bidet installation dimensions.

Q: How can i avoid the toilet seat rise if i install the bidet?

A:You can buy Toilet Seat Bumper Kit which can solve this issue.

Q: What else anything i need to pay attention to ?

AHelpful Tips

  • If you spray outlet hole is clogged for some reason, simply try to move spray outlet up and down for a few times manually.
  • Over tightening flexible hoses adaptor can cause damage to the threads and result in water leakage.
  • Use only hand pressure first and check for any leakage.
  • Turn only less than quarter turn at a time making sure there is no leakage.

Bidet toilet attachment

Easy installation Sanitary protection Adjustable spray

​Dual Nozzle Design

The toilet bidet attachment features a dual nozzles for regular wash and a feminine wash.

Nozzle Guard Gate

The hygienic nozzle guard gate ensures the bidet is always ready for clean operation.

Three working model

The angle of the spray nozzles can be adjusted.

You can choose different spray nozzles model such as feminine wash, bidet wash or nozzle wash.

The spray angle is different in different model, which is designed to meet different people's needs.

You can always enjoy fresh feelings by water cleaning

​Adjust Water Pressure

The control panel features a chrome-plated knob that allows the user to activate and adjust the pressure and temperature of the water.

Adjustable Water TEMPERATURE both HOT & COLD is a great addition for those cold nights and mornings.

With clearly defined settings, the bidet for toilet can easily be operated by children and the elderly.

A second knob switches from wash to nozzle cleaning

High Quality - More Durable

Using high-pressure valves with a metal or ceramic core.

Braided steel hose is made of top premium stainless steel, can be withstand high pressure, no rust.

Cold water hose is 26 inch length which can connect to toilet tank.

Hot water hose has 157 inch length which can connect to bathroom or washbowl .


Bidet is very easy to install


1 x YECO Bidet

1 x Cold/Hot Flexible hose

1 x 9/16'' Hot Water Adapter

1x 15/16'' Cold Water Adapter

1 x Free Wrench

1 x Teflon Tape

1 x Operation Manual

YECO Bidets' benefits

-Improves Rectal & Genital Hygiene & Menstruation Cleansing
-Eases Cleansing for Pregnant Women
-Hemorrhoids Pain and Itch Relief
-Prevents Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
-Relieves Constipation
-Assists Disabled Individuals
-Reduces paper consumption

Please give time us between 12 and 20 days because of our extreme interest in our products.

✔Please give time us between 12 and 20 days because of our extreme interest in our products. OUR GUARANTEE
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